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September 28, 2017

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Being Offended

September 22, 2017


Have you noticed the number of people that are so easily offended today? Daily you can read a story in the news about some violent action, a law suit and even riots just because someone was offended. Take road rage for example; people are beaten, or worse, killed, due to someone being offended because another individual accidentally cut them off, is driving too slow, or even because they have the wrong bumper sticker on their car. People are becoming more violent on a daily basis and justify their actions because they are “offended.”  This is a testament to the degree of selfishness that reigns in the hearts and minds of people. These are not just violent acts or exercising the right to peaceful protest, these are selfish tantrums. Selfishness that says only my rules apply, only I am right, only I matter. Then there are the utterly ridiculous events like “safe spaces” being installed on college campuses to pander to some poor snowflake who is offended because their candidate didn’t win an election. This isn’t fighting for your cause or standing for your party; it is a pitiful and childish expression of, “I’m offended and don’t want to play with you anymore.” But we should not be surprised; we are told in the Bible that this would happen in the last days.


Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy chapter 3 that men would be lovers of themselves, prideful, unthankful, traitors, liars; they wouldn’t have natural affections and they would hate those who are good. In Matthew 24:10, we read Jesus’ own words where He says, “And then, shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” He said this in answering the questions asked Him by His disciples, “…when will these things be and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age.” Surprised…no. Easily offended is prophecy fulfilled.


One Truth is overwhelming and is realized by precious few,

That God sent His only Son to make a way for me and you.

Your survival through the days ahead will depend upon what you believe,

Would you believe it if I told you God is waiting for you to just receive?

From the poem “Would You Believe” by Randy Conway


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