God is Always There

In the void of nothing and the blackness of space Before the earth as we know it or the human race Before there was time or earth or air God the creator was always there.

In the annuls of history, every recorded event In the success of nations, and in their laments, The deeds of man that history has shared God the Father was always there.

In the status quo of this human existence Even midst our continued resistance, To God’s love, which He freely shares, God the Savior is always there.

Though the days ahead appear they will be fearsome Let the man of faith approach them with wisdom Knowing we have not been given a spirit of fear Because the message of the Living God is clear,

Assuring us that when the final pages of our days Have all been recorded they will say “The Almighty God has remained to us very near For he is the one true God who is still here.”

We don’t praise a mist in the air We praise a God who is always there.

We don’t worship a god who cannot hear We worship the God who was and who is, always here.

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